The sunrise and the bamboo

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It was a beautiful morning this morning, and when Little Yang weasled his way into our bed I decided not to spend too long stuck in the middle of the sandwich (actually sleeping with him is more like being in a tossed salad).

So I got up and was rewarded with this stunning sunset.

sunrise sky
Well the view from the bottom of the backyard was beautiful, the view from the top was of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise, shrouded in orange, and surrounded (read obscured) by BAMBOO!
Bamboo sunrise
I took a rather nice shot, don’t you think, but still a wall of bamboo is pretty hard to see through.

Q1 sunrise

You may not notice that it is planted on our neighbours side of the fence, of course.

Yes, our neighour decided that for some Feng Shui reason, she needed to plant bamboo (the aggressive growing kind) along the fenceline.

It was planted shortly before we left for a year in Canada on a job and house exchange, and when we returned it had already staked its claim to our northeast view of the lake we live on (I know we are lucky to live on a lake, but it would be nice to preserve the views).

She’d also planted a couple of other bamboo plants on the fenceline at the bottom of the yard, and conceded, after we spoke to her about the Berlin Wall growing between us, that it would be OK to pull them out, since they were still small.

But the bigger bamboo remained, and has grown, and grown, and (well you get the picture – the one with the huge bamboo bush obscuring the view).

I like bamboo, I really do. And while I’m still researching Feng Shui (which is closely related to yinyang principles), I really don’t think pissing off the neighbours is a good place to start!

Take a breath, appreciate the view from the bottom of the yard, the sunlight glistening pink diamonds on the water, the peachy pink orange sky of streaky cloud, and breathe!

That’s my only lesson for the day – breathe, and appreciate life, even when your view of it (or the future) feels obscured. The sun will still rise tomorrow, and no doubt the bamboo will still be there, unless….maybe that would be bad Feng Shui.

And that’s all I can manage for I Blog on Tuesdays with Essentially Jess (but hey I woke up this morning and had nothing).

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Kathy KrugerThe sunrise and the bamboo

11 Comments on “The sunrise and the bamboo”

  1. iSophie

    Sunrises are so gorgeous, what beautiful colours. A fantastic way to start the day!
    Phooey to your neighbour about the bamboo though! Chainsaw in the night? 😉 #teamIBOT

  2. EssentiallyJess

    The photos still make it look beautiful.
    This story reminds me of a friend who has an ocean view, but the neighbours trees keep growing, and now she is down to one passionately protected square of view. It’s a pity people don’t think about things like this.

    1. yinyangmother

      Hi Jess – it really is beautiful and I really feel lucky to live in our little patch of ‘paradise’. I sort of shot around the bamboo (because I was shooting the sunrise), so the pictures probably don’t portray how much of a wall it is creating. Shame about your friend losing her ocean view – I bet she really appreciates what she has left, and that’s probably the secret.

  3. mamagrace71

    Oh, I love a beautiful sunrise! And there’s something about them that do make me breathe a little more slowly and appreciate life.
    Living in Japan for almost a decade, I am very fond of bamboo. Everything about it – its strength, structure and shape.
    Thanks for getting out of bed and sharing 🙂 x

    1. yinyangmother

      I really like bamboo too – we have some planted in our front-yard against a brick fence (not the aggressive growing variety and not blocking anyone’s views). Amazing I captured that sunrise just on my iphone.

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