Things that make you smile

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I dare you to smile right now – wherever you are. Smile at someone, smile wide, grin big until your face hurts.

Doesn’t that feel better. See – I made you smile.

So for no other reason than the fact I’ve been smiling a lot lately and since I’m even smiling at the fact that I can’t think of anything to write about in a blog post (all I can do is smile) – I present to you a post on things that make you smile. At least I hope so.

Well actually they are things that make, or made me smile, and made me smile again. Second-hand smiles are great too. Even if the thing that made you smile is long gone all you have to do is recall the memory fondly and magic – involuntary facial movement of mouth in an upward direction. You can’t help it can you?!

I recall a post I wrote back in 2013 to plug a charity involved in Operation Smile – surgeons helping children in poor countries who need facial surgery to fix cleft palates and bring back their smiles.

I even created this montage of mirth to celebrate and promote the wonderful work they (still) do.  And I smiled at the donations generous people made. Thank you again. I’m smiling now.

smile project_edited-5

Sometimes it can take a whole lot to smile, and those times are the times we need a good grin the most.

A smiles that creep on your face can be the best kind and sometimes the creeping can turn into laughter and catch you by surprise and then it sounds like a chortle. Yep I love that kind of smile.

I love a slow smile, a warm smile, a friendly smile, a child’s smile, a sneaky smile, a smile that crinkles the face and wrinkles the eyes (there’s a name for it – a Duchenne smile), a wide grin, a beaming smirk, a big, big smile that is a joyful exclamation mark on the face. I love watching smilers and being the smily.

I love that science is showing that if you put your negative thoughts on hold and fake a smile (rather than repressing those thoughts altogether) you will feel better. And if you authentically smile at the thought of the smallest thing, even a happy memory, it is almost impossible to hold a negative thought. This article has more.

I don’t care that my face is asymetrical with one bigger dimple so my smile is kinda skewiff. That kinda makes me smile. I’ll take the wrinkles any day.

Anyway, without further ado. Things that make you go – SMILE!

Ruffus the Wrecker – if you didn’t see my Facebook post – here he is, with that look on his face, after I found the paper and plastic that was left wrapped around a Chorizo sausage, alongside a container that used to contain 15-20 fish oil tablets! He’s also doing the rude Ruffus rather well don’t you think.

Miss Yin the Dancer – I may have proudly noted that she is now ‘en pointe’ and I should boast that proud mum sewed on the ribbons on the shoes (which is no mean feat you have to use dental floss instead of cotton). And I couldn’t help but capture her sleeping ballerina beauty.

The talent acrobats in Horizons with Angels, #Bleach* – just because.

Saying goodbye to Kermit (my old car of 13 years) and hello to my new car, which I’m yet to name (any ideas)?

Getting our dance on at Yin Yoga II training – because dancing has everything to do with yoga and yin (and doesn’t my bum look big in these tights, but hey, I’m still smiling)!

dancing yin

And these two – well just because.


Footnote – Mr Yang can make me smile too, just not so often for photographs (does that sound kinky – I mean he makes me smile, not everything should be photographed – shut-up already)!

And finally – this – the unexpected discovery during walk with Ruffus the Wrecker that someone had painted their garage door with a glowing reindeer in a forest scene – this stunning departure from a boring garage door has gotta make you smile. You are aren’t you?


And now your turn. Make me smile. Linking up with Essentially Jess for IBOT, which always makes me smile.

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Kathy X

Namaste sign off_edited-1

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Kathy KrugerThings that make you smile

23 Comments on “Things that make you smile”

  1. hugzillablog

    Oooohhhh Rufus!! LOL!! I love that pic of the kids too – so much sass and attitude! Kids do have an uncanny knack of making us smile. Little buggers. LOL.

  2. writeofthemiddle

    You made me smile! You always make me smile! Your kids are just divine! Your new car looks FAB – I cannot think of a name to put forward but the number plate makes me think WOMEN, GIRL, KINDRID SPIRIT. Now what does that tell you about my strange mind! LOL Now I’m laughing. Your post has been a success. Your work is done! 😉 xo

  3. Toni (Finding Myself Young)

    Oh that garage is pretty awesome. I actually wrote a post about things that make me smile as well, back in 2012. I’ll have to go re-read it. Don’t you love pets, they’re like kids even if they do something really naughty they can still make you smile just by giving you a certain look.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      It’s great to find the small and everyday things and you are right Toni, pets are fantastic for finding the smile in a dreary day. And I agree that the garage is pretty special.

  4. mummywifeme

    It’s 4.50am, Kathy. I’m barely awake, but you made me smile. Hooray!!!! I love love love the ballerina photos. So gorgeous. I hope I don’t have to sew ribbons onto shoes with dental floss anytime soon. Sounds like a nightmare. Those acrobats are amazing. As for the kids, too cute for words x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Glad you are smiling Renee. When they go onto pointe the ribbons/elastic has to be really strong to support their ankles. You’ll get there if your girls stay in ballet – all a learning curve for me this dance mum stuff.

  5. JodiGibson (@JFGibsonWriter)

    What beautiful things to smile about Kathy, and yes, you’ve made me smile, so thank you. I love your Ruffus, he is adorable. Reminds me of our chocolate labrador who used to love digging up the yard and especially my pot plants! He’s 13 now, so much better behaved, a bit lazy but still will eat more than his body weight if you let him! And yay, for Miss Yin ‘en pointe’, beautiful!

  6. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    I used to learn ballet and remember sewing my ribbons on. I don’t remember dental floss but it probably was that we used. I love the smell of new ballet shoes. She is gorgeous. They both are. People who have dimples are instantly likable. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they look like they smile more easily.

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