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I’m glad to have had some recent guest posts, so I appreciate if you are stopping by for the first time. It’s great to have you and I hope you like it here!

I’ve had two posts on that great community Tiny Buddha – read about making up your mind to go with the flow – lessons I learned from a long journey of infertility and adoption. And you can read the 11 life lessons I added to the 33 that Tiny Buddha creator Lori Deschene has learned in life. Read it here.

Lovely Aussie blogger Caz Makepeace has a wonderful name and a wonderful blog called Mojito Mother – I posted about finding your flow by letting go.

Thanks for letting me share the love Tiny Buddha and Mojito Mother.

Here’s a link to my first post, so we can start to connect. And you can read about this site and about me if you want to know more. If you want a laugh to start with, why not check out a short little video I made featuring my past (very) bad hairstyles and fashions to show that change can really be very good!!!

And if you explore you’ll discover that I’m so lucky to have two beautiful children – Miss Yin, 9 is a budding dancer, and Little Yang, well, he’s a two year old who whines and tantrums but delights me anyway. I will be sharing more of the lessons I learned on our long journey of infertility and adoption, if that’s something that interests you.

Mostly I’ll be blogging about striving for balance and contentment, dealing with change and always trying to be grateful…with yoga and sometimes wine thrown in for good measure! You could also start with my top tips for balance if you wanted to.

Some of the favourite posts so far are Yin and Yang – the hot and cold of it (and the shades of grey), Skiing lifes ups and downs and What if you could be the ‘you’ in your photographs?

Why not sign up for my newsletter which I try to send out every couple of weeks, so I won’t bombard you.

It’s early days as I’ve only been blogging about six weeks and I have some fun ideas in mind, like my smiles project…so stick around. Thanks again.





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Kathy KrugerShare the love XX

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