What I love about hubby as a Dad

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I reckon most mothers love and appreciate their man more when he becomes a Dad than they did before when he was just a plain old partner (not necessarily in the bedroom lovin’ department, but that is the inevitable price of parenthood). But there’s nothing quite like seeing your child’s face light up at seeing their Dad to make you fall deeper in love with their father.

Over the years I’ve found myself loving  hubby more for what he does as a father than for anything else. We have a pretty good relationship – of course I love him because he loves and supports me, makes me laugh, is kind and for a host of other reasons (including the fact that he nearly always does the floors) that enable me to mostly ignore the annoying bits.

But what really makes him special is how he parents our kids.

I really love my Dad, and I reckon I scored top shelf with him, so Mr Yang had some shoes to fill. I’ve given Dad a wrap before on the blog, on the occasion of his 70th birthday, but I’ve been a bit light on in my praise for Mr Yang (I haven’t totally ignored him – I had a few nice words to say on the occasion of our 20th wedding anniversary, and in this post too).

Mr Yang and I don’t always see eye to eye in parenting styles, but I most often think he’s a better Dad than I am a Mum (I know mother-guilt is still hanging on for dear life).

So forgive my indulgence as I give Mr Yang his Dad (and hubby) dues this Father’s Day.

Why Mr Yang makes a great Dad

  • He’s patient – much more so than I am (although not so much with Little Yang, but I’m supposed to be nice here). He plays games, get’s the routine stuff done without much irritation and makes time for them without worrying about other things.
  • He’s present – although sometimes he’s distracted watching footy or something else, mostly he’ll be complete in his attention, even if it just sitting and watching cartoons with the kids. He gives them his time like he always has plenty to spare.
  • He’s fun – he is definitely the fun parent, and while this can drive me crazy having to be all ‘mean mum’ to deliver the discipline, I love watching him play and hang out with the kids. He has a daggy, big kid sense of humour and adventure and he makes us all laugh.
  • He’s protective – especially with Miss Yin (sometimes too much, opps). I love how he is all Daddy Bear when it comes to protecting the kids feelings and trying to shield them from problems. I personally lean towards more of the school of resilience, but I still love his fierce protectiveness.
  • He’s calm – yep, calmer than me and I’m the one doing all that yoga and meditation. He doesn’t hurry and seems to stay on time.  He mostly gets the kids to cooperate through staying calm and not rushing.
  • He’s proud – he’s really encouraging of the kids and full of praise when they do something well or try really hard. While he doesn’t push his expectations on the kids, he really celebrates their achievements.
  • He loves me for being a mum – he sees my good points as a Mum (not always but he’s human and sometimes they can be hard to find). He loves my good points as a Mum and acknowledges them. He loves me more because of how I parent.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad – it will be great to spend it with you this year. And Happy Father’s Day Mr Yang. You make a great Dad and I really wish everyone (especially a certain someone) could see that. Hug Miss Yin and Little Yang close, because they love you to the moon and back.

Father’s Day can be fraught for some, so I’m just going to say thank you for indulging me in my gush. Linking up with Grace for FYBF.

Namaste sign off_edited-1

Kathy X



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Kathy KrugerWhat I love about hubby as a Dad

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