When life gives you jellyfish

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I went whale watching yesterday, for work, as you do!

We were filming a ‘Great Gold Coast job’ video profile on a whale researcher from Griffith University – maybe you’re thinking my job sounds pretty darn great too!

And if you saw me getting up close and personal with amazing marine mammals you’d probably be jealous.

Last year, filming another career profile with a dolphin trainer at Seaworld, I got to ohh and ahh at these gorgeous creatures.

Just because they are soooo cute

Just because they are soooo cute

Yesterday, the crew and I were all excited to spot humpback whales, hopefully a mum and calf, returning to the southern oceans after the winter migration.


Souvenir happy snap

But sadly there was no traffic, or none we could find, on the ‘humpback highway’ off the Gold Coast.

Not a whale in sight.

Just this one, photographed on another day, to go with our souvenir photo.


We did NOT see this whale

We did see jellyfish, hundreds, maybe thousands of them, floating back out with the tide having been blown in by strong northerly winds over the last few days.


Not safe to swim here!

Quite an amazing sight, (just not quite the same as sighting a whale).

And those strong northerly winds, well they made for vomit-inducing conditions.

Half the boat (there were only about 20 people onboard so late in the whale-watching season) spent the morning huddled over paper bags and I saw at least five people hurl into them. While I didn’t actually spew up, I got seasick enough, that even hours later it still felt like my stomach was heaving with the swell.

So not quite the day I’d been expecting – still jealous?

Most of the time it feels like my job gives me jellyfish (and sometimes seasickness), rather than whales, which is why I’m transitioning (at least that’s what I’ll call my scaredy-cat plans for change) into new career opportunities.

Having taught my first yoga class last week (yeh), our teacher trainer group was lucky to visit a Buddhist monastery in the Gold Coast hinterland for a morning mini-retreat and yummy vegetarian lunch on Saturday to mark the end of our course, which concludes this weekend.

We did our yoga amidst nature, saluting the sun beaming down on us for our sun salutations, opening our hearts to the sky in twists and backbends, and trying to avoid the giant green ants and march flies!

It was peaceful and reflective as we walked in meditation around the garden, meeting new ‘friends’, each representing a different path to enlightenment – from changing the world to changing themselves and simply being content.

This guy had me intrigued, as from a distance he looked tortured or angry. On closer inspection he was simply yawning and stretching – the plaque said he was ‘easy and comfortable, in a state of omniscience, contented with his lot’.


Yawning not yelling

The day wasn’t quite what I’d expected –  I’d been hoping for some sort of transformative experience – not that I was expecting enlightenment, but I hoped to feel changed into a yoga teacher, with my new career path and life suddenly certain.

Then I read this post from Glennon Doyle of Momastry fame. She talks of her encounter with a ‘first grade teacher’ who felt stuck in her job and wanted to ‘live and love large’ – that is until she pointed out that being a first grade teacher is pretty much as amazing as it gets.

‘Don’t be so concerned with creating a life of meaning that you forget you already have one,” Glennon writes, urging us to get our ‘perspectables’ on!

It’s a pretty powerful message to realise and appreciate how much your contribution is worth, even as you strive for greater contribution. To find meaning in jellyfish, even as you seek out whales. To find gratitude in contentment, even as you seek enlightenment.

So that’s what I’m trying to do as I transition, finding the meaning in the moments (seasickness, not so much) – what about you?

Namaste sign off_edited-1

Kathy X
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Kathy KrugerWhen life gives you jellyfish

26 Comments on “When life gives you jellyfish”

  1. Mystery Case

    Our whale adventure at sea was much the same as yours, no whales in sight and lots of seasickness. Only to find all we needed to do was head to the headland a week or so later for a rather closeup view of a whale and its calf without the seasickness.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Funny how some things happen by serendipity when we don’t go chasing them – glad you got a whale encounter in the end and shame about the seasickness and wasted boat trip.

  2. minsmash

    I’m not sure what your current job is but it does look quite good I must say!! In saying that – I don’t fair well on boats. I get so sick! Still – I bet you were glad you were ON the boat and not IN the water with all those jellyfish! I completely understand your scaredy cat feeling transitioning into a new career. I’m doing the same thing. Sometimes it is overwhelming and all consuming but when it becomes that way, I take a step back, STOP everything, take some time out and remember why I am doing it. Also – love that quote by Glennen “‘Don’t be so concerned with creating a life of meaning that you forget you already have one”!! x

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Min – hope the transition to photography is going well for you. I love Glennon’s quote too. My job does have good aspects but the overall workplace culture isn’t good and I feel it is not work where I can contribute to my best ability with passion and purpose.

  3. always josefa (@always_josefa)

    Without finding the meaning in our moments we can spend our whole life searching, and no time being grateful for what we have, what we are blessed with and how amazing our lives are. These images are gorgeous, the message in this post is gorgeous xx

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Thanks Josefa – you are so right – it is really the balance between finding the meaning now and the search for greater meaning/contribution – the combo of gratitude with growth.

  4. hugzillablog

    Yeah, it’s funny. I think of my transition to blogger and freelancer from a reluctant SAHM as “making lemonade from lemons”. I wasn’t entirely satisfied being a full-time SAHM alone, so decided to leverage the opportunities presented to me by being at home to evolve into something else, to work flexibly and find the time to be creative in a way that supported or complemented my nascent career too.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      Good on you Melissa. My problem is working out how to give up/transition from a secure job and income to more satisfying self-employment that won’t be producing much of an income at first – I’m prepared for sacrifices and compromises, just got to make it work.

  5. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    We actually saw some about two weeks ago in the Broadwater near Charis, what a great gig that was! I’m just loving where I’m at right now, it’s busy but that’s when I thrive! Em – also visiting as part of #teamIBOT

    1. Kathy Kruger

      I thrive on busy when I feel a sense of control of that busy. Glad you are in your busy, happy space – and seeing whale from the shore in the Broadwater is pretty special.

  6. Rebecca Mugridge

    I was shouted a whale watching experience a few months ago with my kids and it was probably the longest 2 hours of my life as I was violently ill the whole time!!
    My 3 year old when asked about the adventure by grandma said mummy did lots of blerhhhh hahaha
    There were whales too but I never saw – I only saw a bag, well actually several bags!! But my kids absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time.
    This is such a lovely post Xx

  7. Tegan Churchill

    Some days it definitely feels like I am wading through jellyfish. Then something just clicks, and I realise just how lucky I am to have the things that I do and the people that I am surrounded by.

  8. mummywifeme

    I feel excited for you as you transition into your true calling – something you love. It is wonderful that you’ve thrown yourself into this yoga experience so fully. Exciting times ahead for you, my friend.

    1. Kathy Kruger

      WOW – that sounds sort of serous when you say ‘true calling’ – I love writing, telling stories and that is always going to be part of what I do/who I am, and I really hope that yoga/teaching/helping people will be a BIG part too. X

  9. Michelle Weaver (@pinkypoinker)

    I’ve been reading the Noble Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths because we have to teach it to the kids and compare it to Christian commandments and I’ve found it fascinating. The path to enlightenment through meditation was particularly resonating. It made me think about a lot of things.

    Gorgeous pics Kathy, especially the smiling dolphins.

  10. coloursofsunset

    Wow, that is quite a sight, all those jelly fish! We have seen a lot of them at the beach lately – Maggie thinks she’s so clever when she pics them up and runs away with them in her mouth. I too have to remind myself, often, that things aren’t so bad, but I am always wondering when my enlightenment will come – the “ah ha!” moment so to speak. I’m still waiting. Half looking, half hoping it walks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder! 🙂

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