New video – Yinyang clock – sunrises and sunsets

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How often do you get up for a sunrise? How often do you stop to appreciate a sunset?

I made this video to celebrate some of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen. From climbing Mt Warning to see the sunrise over Australia’s most easterly point – my husband and I did the 2.5 hour climb in the darkness, one torch giving out towards the end, so it was pretty eerie as we scaled the rock-face at the top, clinging to the chains as the wind whistled around the peak of the mountain.

Back in 1996, I watched my first-ever sunset over the ocean, as the big ball dipped into the sea off Dingle Peninsula, Ireland and Europe’s most westerly point. Then we drove in the closing darkness to Europe’s most westerly pub and found to our surprise that it shared our name (not my Irish maiden name, but my German-sounding married name). Of course we had to enjoy a pint or two.

Anyway, change is the only constant, the clock ticks on and our choice is to enjoy each moment and appreciate each new day. Hope you enjoy my 3 minute video.

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Kathy KrugerNew video – Yinyang clock – sunrises and sunsets

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